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Dear Reader,
  Calm down, Brown Bag Mag is coming back. Should all topics start with the letter B? That's a question for me. Badges, Bones, Bottom Bands & Bud - thats where it starts.

  Badges: Meet James Freeman, 1st Amendment Auditor, Recorder, and Educator.
  Bones: Dinosaur hoax, shame on Glen Rose Texas for perpetrating a lie.
  Bottom: Sometimes mistakenly associated with Satanism, Luciferianism.
  Bands: Get to know the original punks, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead.
  Buds: Night time photography.

It starts at the Bottom: Everyday [Dubstep] Machima find . Meet Badges: James Freeman is here


Bones: Dinosaur hoax, shame on Glen Rose Texas for perpetrating a lie.

More to come.

Review Just Feeling Comedy at The DIVE Bar July 23, 2018 Host Randall Thompson

George Delgado opened the night hosted by Randall "Crabmeat" Thompson. He was followed my Rodney Reed (pictured above) who made fun of the name George. Yes, Joshua giordano is old enough to be in a bar. Nicholas dopudja was reaching out to men, but only women responded. Admiring Nicholas, Pat g thought he was on the set of Bay Watch.

Vincent blackshear, loves his phone, he uses it to call mom and to masturbate. Host Crabmeat Thompson was distraught to learn Rob Johnson had a girlfriend. Host Thompson reprimanded Matthew reyfor not finishing a joke.

Jake beckwith is a local tattoo artist and bad speller. You never know what you'll get from Brad gouoldby, a hillbilly from Mesquite or brainwashed high school kid - a real treat.

Back Again II


Back Again

My name is Lewis Whitten, I'm running for Nevada Governor 2026. Elect me, I will get rid of Uncle Sam. Bring the troops back from Vietnam. Please lend a helping hand. Subscribers and support

Thoughts on Ride Share verse Taxis. Imagine you're stuck in traffic in front of Bellagio, fountain show just started. In a ride share you end the ride and jump out. In a taxi, you sit an wait in a questionable cab. "Don't get out, you gotta get out at the taxi drop off, thats the law!" You wait watching the meter go up, the world outside is filled with revelers, you're stuck in a 'cab cage'.

Of course you can get out, just throw money at him and bail. Planning on using a credit card? That'll be a three dollar charge.

Ride share, you know how much the ride'll cost before hand, when the ride is over just jump out, its paid through the app, leave a cash tip if you like and leave.

In a Taxi a door is opened with a hand out, expecting at least a dollar. Thats…

Silver. A Sliver State of Mind

aaw sum code:

A Sliver State of Mind = (1+1+9+3+4+5+9+1+2+1+2+5+6+6+4+9+5+4 = 77)

Flamingo = (6+12+1+13+9+14+7+15 = 77)

Valley  = ( 22+1+12+12+5+25 = 77) (Valley View to VV = 44, and more:

show in the sky = 10+8+6+5+9+5+2+8+5+10+2+7=77

Piece of Me = 16+9+5+3+5+15+6+13+5 = 77

Theater = 20+8+5+1+20+5+18 = 77

They plug the numbers in at the carnival. at the Rio Hotel in Paradise, NV.  At the NE corner of Valley View and Flamingo. Where they use to have their "Show in the Sky" (like Britney's "Piece of Me", also coded 77). At the gateway to voting precinct 6710 (67+10 = 77). The entrance to Precinct 6710, like in Lord of the Rings , is guarded not by Kings, but by jesters Penn & Teller, who of course have a 'Theater' there.

the Lucky Blue Bucket campaign
Gold for Finance
Silver for Travel
Copper for Career
zinc, copper, nickel, silver, gold Love

A New Idea

Its a new year. Perhaps it is time for newness in my life. I need to step up the campaign, regardless of my dismal attitude, I need to produce. No more holding back. I must fill this bag. I've had many websites fail.,, just to name a few. Had to kill them off, hang 'em. Just like I'm going to hang Uncle Sam, when I can. Subscribe at and follow here at

Let's keep this website alive and thriving! It's my campaign newsletter! I'm Lewis Whitten, running for Nevada Governor 2026. Elect me and I will unblock the hall, rattle your wall, "end the fear" is my call, people elect me 'cause a hard rain's a gonna fall. I am your umbrella. I will usher us gently into that new word order. Its called 'spontaneous order.' I studied with Hans Hoppe at UNLV, I know about anarcho-capitalism, lazze faire which will bring this world into harmony.

As Governor I will start the shift to one world go…

SO September ...---... Since October Started Off Scary

A review of September C-SAW "Pot Luck, New Member" Wednesday night meetings. My guitar playing was not well received by all. Boys were running wild. Will keep at it.

Many Directors there.

Perhaps I shall try holding their attention with some silly lessons. edu-tainment. Possible topics:





Balloon Art

Fortune Telling!