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Back Again II


Back Again

My name is Lewis Whitten, I'm running for Nevada Governor 2026. Elect me, I will get rid of Uncle Sam. Bring the troops back from Vietnam. Please lend a helping hand. Subscribers and support

Thoughts on Ride Share verse Taxis. Imagine you're stuck in traffic in front of Bellagio, fountain show just started. In a ride share you end the ride and jump out. In a taxi, you sit an wait in a questionable cab. "Don't get out, you gotta get out at the taxi drop off, thats the law!" You wait watching the meter go up, the world outside is filled with revelers, you're stuck in a 'cab cage'.

Of course you can get out, just throw money at him and bail. Planning on using a credit card? That'll be a three dollar charge.

Ride share, you know how much the ride'll cost before hand, when the ride is over just jump out, its paid through the app, leave a cash tip if you like and leave.

In a Taxi a door is opened with a hand out, expecting at least a dollar. Thats…