Back Again

I need to get to this blog more often. This U.S. President is campaign is 'terrible'.  It is time to get rid of terrible and replace with 'silver seven' posts per week. I was thinking one per week, but I got to step it up, go from ignition off and sputtering to high gear.

My name is Lewis Whitten, I'm running for U.S. President 2020. Elect me, I will get rid of Uncle Sam. Bring the troops back from Vietnam. Please lend a helping hand. Subscribers and support needed. I'm good, perhaps, with ideas. need to practice action. need to get active.

Thoughts on Ride Share verse Taxis. Ride share: you're stuck in traffic in front of Bellagio, the fountains are going off. In ride share you end the ride and jump out. In a taxi, you sit an wait in a questionable cab. "Don't get out, you gotta get out at the taxi drop off, thats the law!" You wait watching the meter go up, the world outside is filled with revelers on the Las Vegas Strip, you'r stuck in a 'cab cage'

Ride share, you know how much the ride'll cost before hand, when the ride is over just jump out, its paid up through the app, leave a cash tip if you like and leave.  In a Taxi a door is opened with a hand out, expecting at least a dollar. Thats not a homeless guy, thats a hotel employee. , when you land, its time to settle up, there's your price, about twice what you'd of paid using a ride share app. What's that, you want to use a credit card? There's a two dollar surcharge for that. Don't forget to TIP THE DRIVER!

Taxis await your arrival at the main entrance of a Las Vegas resort, a well groomed resort employee graciously flags you a cab and opens the cab door for you. With ride share you'll need to walk to the far end off the resort, then walk through a bottom level of their parking garage, watch out for nails and broken glass. The resort ride share pick up area is over there some where.

And who could forget the Love Fest concert event in downtown Las Vegas, main roads were barricaded with signs reading 'taxis only' try driving down one, you'll get yelled at! Taxis get special treatment. Still most ride shares found each other by talking to each other on a phone, or text messaging.

The Taxi wrecking crew. The writing is on for taxi companies, but they don't plan to go down without a fight. The are using government and their fleet to intimidate ride share drivers. Recently tow trucks and taxis have been turning up at popular ride share staging areas, with a burly bossman walking around with a notepad writing down licence plates the taxis and tow truck 'ill point their lights at stagers. Lean against their cars with arms crossed and a cross look on their face.

Where's the ride share wreakers. Where's the Lyft Life gang, that keeps streets safe from bullies and brutes.  über Alles allies to flex muscle. Speaking of, I heard ride share is illegal in Germany. I heard ride share is illegal in England. What is wrong with people?


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